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TFI Specials
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979B210 Reversible
Electric Tube Rolling Motor
Rated @ 1-1/4" Tubes
TFI FTRM 470 (Rated 2" 2-1/2 Tubes)
TFI FTRM 250 (Rated 3" Tubes)

Variable Speed, reversible
2 Gear ratio tube rolling motor
1462 VS 115 V 6 Amp
3/8" Tapper Type
Reversible Motor 0+1000 Rev
Chicago Pneumatic
GP 991 R PB 90
90 RPM Reversible
Tube rolling motor, 230 V
966 C 400 electric rolling motor
ATC900 Electric Torque
Control BOC 9 Cord
PEM 2041
10,000 PSI double 2 stage
Acting hydraulic pump
110 V with lever actudtor
31 Gal resevior
EIC 350
350 RPM side handle feed
Electric tube cutter
190 RPM reversible
Torque controlled
Right angle drive
Tube rolling motor
Expansion Seal
POP-6600 Pop-a-plug
Pump, hose, ram set w/box
TWPE554F Model C
10,000 PSI Hydraulic
Pump 110 V
for Hydraulic Wrench


TFI-55FTRM - Firetube Boiler Tube Rolling Motor
Ever since the departure of the Chicago Pnuematic 200 RPM motor the Industry has been looking for a quality, durable, high torque motor for firetube boiler tube rolling. We feel that we have found just that motor in the TFI-55FTRM. This product is manufactured in Germany by a company that has been in the motor business since 1919. Their products are time proven and durable.

This powerful 16 AMP (1,800W) motor has two changeable gear ratios and variable speed adjustment in each. This allows the operator to customize the motor's power and RPM to his particular application. The adjustable torque control feature allows the operator to preset the motor overload shutoff at a value that would prevent "over-rolling" for his particular application.

Rated Voltage   110 VAC
Rated Power Input   1,800 W
Frequency   40-60 Hz
Load Speed 1st Gear 60-140 RPM
  2nd Gear 200-470 RPM
Weight   14 lbs.
Protection Class   II


# 3 Morse Female Taper on Shank

Adapter supplied upon request

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