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Quality Pneumatic &
Electric Industrial Tools
Angle Grinders
Beveling Machines
Concrete Chain Saws
Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic Safety Tools
Pneumatic Cut-Off Saws
Portable Band Saws
Portable Hacksaws
Portable Magnetic Drills
Reciprocating Saws
Steel Cutting Circular Saws
Surface Finishing
Unibroach Annular Cutters
Complete Product Listing
  Tube cleaning, testing, plugging & retubing tools for boiler, heat exchanger & HVAC work.
  High quality industrial strength sockets, adaptors, slugging wrenches and accessories.
DL Ricci
  State-of-the-art field machining/heat treating equipment for tube/pipe work and onsite equipment repair.
  Quality gaskets for - 55°F
to + 300°F , 180 psi applications
Francis Torque
  Quality in-line/square drive hydraulic wrenches for 0-10,000 ft. lb. torquing applications.
Henry Air Tools
  High quality, reasonably priced, pneumatic grinders, saws, rammers, etc...
  Hydraulic tensioners & hydraulic nuts.
  Quality Hydraulics:
Pumps, cylinders, jacks, presses, airbags, nut splitters, etc...
  Nibblers, shears, seam lockers, etc...
Quality Pneumatic
  Mag drills, band saws, drills, burr bits, saws, hammer drills, electric motors.

Innovation and high quality are synonymous with our Pneumatic and Electric Industrial Power Tools. We carry a wide range of portable magnetic drills, pneumatic and electric concrete core drills, air powered concrete saws, hydraulic, electric and pneumatic band saws, air chain saws, air hack saws, reciprocating saws, concrete grinders and metal finishing tools for construction and industry.

Additional pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical driven equipment can be accessed through our home page, search feature or indexes to the left.


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