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Bolting Systems
FASTORQ Bolting Systems
 Auto-Spreader Flange Spreader


The Auto-Spreader provides up to 10,000 pounds of force to separate flange faces up to 3 inches. Available in hydraulic (HS-10K) or manual (MS-10K) models.

A standard hand pump powers one hydraulic Auto-Spreader, or a pair, with ease. The manual Auto-Spreader uses a ratchet handle to transform 100 ft-lbs of input to 10,000 lbs. of spreading force to create the gap between flange faces. A load lowering valve is available for hydraulic pumps to control the closing rate of the HS-10K.

 Auto-Splitter Hydraulic Nut Splitter

Auto-Splitter - The Clean Cut Solution to Removing Frozen Nuts. With  Auto-Splitter you can easily remove heavily corroded, seized nuts quickly, quietly and safely!

One Auto-Splitter does the work of several competitive models because each housing can be used with a wide range of nut sizes. With most other nut-splitters, one housing will only fit two nut sizes, forcing you to purchase a larger number of housings. But each Auto-Splitter housing fits 6-9 different sizes. With Auto-Splitter, you can also use the hydraulic cylinders with more than one housing.

The special housing design of the Auto-Splitter fits into tight spaces, so that you can work from more angles and in more applications than with competitor's models. It fits all API and ANSI flanges and virtually all valve bonnets. Auto-Splitter cuts from 5/8" to 6-1/2" (16 - 165 mm) across the flats hexagonal nuts. It can be used for both inch and metric sizes, and with any shape nut. Round, square, 12-point and other special nuts will require the use of an adapter. Also available, are adapters for splitting hulk bolts.

 Spin-Torq® Rotating Hydraulic Torque Wrench

360° Continuous Rotation Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Fast - 36 times faster than ratcheting tools, turns at 6 revolutions per minute.
Convenient - “Fully Reversible” without removing from the nut, power can be applied in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, low profile design - works in tight quarters.
Safe - Prevents accidents by eliminating hammers, dangerous slugging wrenches and cheater pipes.
Durable - Rugged stainless steel body, only two moving parts in wrench head.

 Auto-Torq Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
 Auto-Torq Hydraulic Torque Wrench
360° Nut rotation up to preset torque levels automatically
Uses standard impact sockets
Infinitely adjustable reaction arm
Various models, range of torque from 100 to 40,500 ft. lbs.
Auto-Torq Hydraulic Thinline Wrench
Fits easily in tight spaces, thinner than the nut height
Light weight, "best power to weight ratio in the industry"
Custom designs available.
Interchangeable wrench heads and reaction units available for any nut size.

Auto-Torq Power Units
Includes 25 ft hydraulic hose with fittings, 25 ft. remote control assembly. filter/regulator/lubricator and liquid filled hydraulic pressure gage.
Model 605A
1,200 cu. in. per minute oil flow
5,500 PSI working pressure
Model 610A
10,000 PSI working pressure
900 cu. in. per minute oil flow

 Direct Tension Indicators

For Leak Free Bolted Joints!
Correct Bolt Tension for Secure Joints

A bolted joint obtains its superior characteristics through proper clamping force on the gasket contact surfaces. The clamping force, or bolt load, is caused by correctly tensioned bolts. If the bolts have not reached required tension, there is insufficient clamping force and the joint is not up to specification. If excessive clamping force is used, the bolt, gasket, and/or the flange may be damaged. In either case, a leak is the probable result. Therefore, it is imperative that the proper clamping force is achieved. Direct Tension Indicators provide the means to measure bolt tension (bolt load).

 Auto-Zip™ Stud Tensioners
Simultaneously tensions multiple fasteners in half the time required by conventional tensioners (eliminates manual rotation)
Design allows for 100% stud coverage from one side of any ANSI or API flange.
One piece installation
Compact and Light weight
Low-friction seals are self-lubricating and provide unlimited shelf life
Especially suited for subsea and nuclear applications
 Zip-Lift™ Load Connector
Robotically retrieves and abandons heavy loads, both subsea and topside
Models available with lifting capacities ranging from 35,000 to 422,000 lbs.
Hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders can be integrated into the system to release the thread segments
Will not release until load is set down
Shackles and pins are eliminated
Especially suited for subsea and nuclear applications where human intervention is restricted
 Auto-Zip™ Subsea Flange Puller
Largest load capacity pulling system in the industry
Fully automatic thread segments slide over threaded rod, eliminating the time consuming task of tightening nuts and bolts
Hydraulic powered, 10,000 PSI working pressure
Designed to use in multiple units with a single pump to provide uniform flange makeup
Subsea or surface operation, ROV & hardsuit compatible
Especially suited for subsea flange pulling and alignment, as well as heavy equipment positioning and maneuvering
 Auto-Zip™ Nut
Replaces Heavy Hex Nuts Simple & Fast
Push on threaded nut is ASTM A 194/2H certified
Eliminates tedious, repetitious turning & cross threading
Measures one wrench size larger across the flats than standard heavy hex nuts
Fits standard bolts
Available in different sizes and materials
 Air-Torq™ Pneumatic Wrench

Air-Torq™ air-powered pneumatic torque wrenches offer a smooth, quiet & accurate gear reduction drive.

Air-Torq™ comes with a light weight aluminum carry case that includes air filter/regulator, automatic oiling system, hose, quick connect fittings and a standard radius reaction arm. A variety of specialized reaction arms are also available as accessories, as well as custom designs

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