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Rebar Cutters

Two Models Available - 1" & 3/4" Capacities
The Cutter Heads offer outstanding features, including 360-degree handle rotation, 4-sided Cutting Blocks, hand-operated Gauge Blocks, Shock Absorbers, and the lightest weight and smallest size in each of their classifications.

The 360-degree rotation feature is simple to operate. Just loosen the socket head cap screw at the bottom of the handle plate. Rotate to the desired angle and retighten.

The 4-sided Cutting Blocks are secured with socket head cap screws. The Cutting Blocks operate under extreme pressure. Therefore, it is very important to check and retighten the Cutting Blocks DAILY. When a block becomes dull or chipped, remove, rotate, and reinstall. Again, secure very tight! Note: We recommend rotating both blocks to new cutting edges at the same time.

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