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Cyclone annular cutters are guaranteed to outperform annular cutters made out of HSS, Cobalt, or Tini Coated Cutters. Because...

The Tini Coating on HSS annular cutters increases the cost of the cutter but only enhances the cutter’s appearance.
HSS M-2 Annular Cutters can only be heat treated up to 64 RC before they become too brittle.
Cobalt Annular cutters can only be heat treated up to 66 RC before they become too brittle.
Cyclone Premium Annular Cutters can be heat treated up to 68 RC and they still have tempered hardness.
A higher RC rating without brittleness means more holes cut per sharpening.

Cyclone Premium Annular Cutters are available in stock for immediate delivery in the following size ranges:

Short Series - 1" length, 7/16" - 2-3/8" Diameter
Long Series - 2" length, 7/16" - 2-3/8" Diameter

Evolution has adaptors available to enable Cyclone Annular Cutters to be used in certain quick change chuck drilling machines.

Cutter Diameter 1” Depth Part No. 2” Depth Part No. 3” Depth Part No.
7/16” CC437 CC437L N/A
1/2” CC500 CC500L N/A
9/16” CC562 CC562L N/A
5/8” CC625 CC625L N/A
11/16” CC687 CC687L CC687X
3/4” CC750 CC750L CC750X
13/16” CC812 CC812L CC812X
7/8” CC875 CC875L CC875X
15/16” CC937 CC937L CC937X
1” CC100 CC100L CC100X
1-1/16” CC106 CC106L CC106X
1-1/8” CC112 CC112L CC112X
1-3/16” CC118 CC118L CC118X
1-1/4” CC125 CC125L CC125X
1-5/16” CC131 CC131L CC131X
1-3/8” CC137 CC137L CC137X
1-7/16” CC143 CC143L CC143X
1-1/2” CC150 CC150L CC150X
1-9/16” CC156 CC156L CC156X
1-5/8” CC162 CC162L CC162X
1-11/16” CC168 CC168L CC168X
1-3/4” CC175 CC175L CC175X
1-13/16” CC181 CC181L CC181X
1-7/8” CC187 CC187L CC187X
1-15/16” CC193 CC193L CC193X
2” CC200 CC200L CC200X
2-1/16” CC206 CC206L CC206X
2-1/8” CC212 CC212L CC212X
2-3/16” CC218 CC218L CC218X
2-1/4” CC225 CC225L CC225X
2-5/16” CC231 CC231L CC231X
2-3/8” CC237 CC237L CC237X
Cutter Diameter 2” Depth Part No. 3” Depth Part No.
11/16” CT687L CT687X
3/4” CT750L CT750X
13/16” CT812L CT812X
7/8” CT875L CT875X
15/16” CT937L CT937X
1” CT100L CT100X
1-1/16” CT106L CT106X
1-1/8” CT112L CT112X
1-3/16” CT118L CT118X
1-1/4” CT125L CT125X
1-5/16” CT131L CT131X
1-3/8” CT137L CT137X
1-7/16” CT143L CT143X
1-1/2” CT150L CT150X
1-9/16” CT156L CT156X
1-5/8” CT162L CT162X
1-11/16” CT168L CT168X
1-3/4” CT175L CT175X
1-13/16” CT181L CT181X
1-7/8” CT187L CT187X
1-15/16” CT193L CT193X
2” CT200L CT200X
2-1/16” CT206L CT206X
2-1/8” CT212L CT212X
2-3/16” CT218L CT218X
2-1/4” CT225L CT225X
2-5/16” CT231L CT231X
2-3/8” CT237L CT237X
Cutter Diameter 1" Depth Part No. 2" Depth Part No.
12mm CC12MS CC12ML
13mm CC13MS CC13ML
14mm CC14MS CC14ML
15mm CC15MS CC15ML
16mm CC16MS CC16ML
17mm CC17MS CC17ML
18mm CC18MS CC18ML
19mm CC19MS CC19ML
20mm CC20MS CC20ML
21mm CC21MS CC21ML
22mm CC22MS CC22ML
23mm CC23MS CC23ML
24mm CC24MS CC24ML
25mm CC25MS CC25ML
26mm CC26MS CC26ML
27mm CC27MS CC27ML
28mm CC28MS CC28ML
29mm CC29MS CC29ML
30mm CC30MS CC30ML
31mm CC31MS CC31ML
32mm CC32MS CC32ML
33mm CC33MS CC33ML
34mm CC34MS CC34ML
35mm CC35MS CC35ML
36mm CC36MS CC36ML
37mm CC37MS CC37ML
38mm CC38MS CC38ML
39mm CC39MS CC39ML
40mm CC40MS CC40ML
41mm CC41MS CC41ML
42mm CC42MS CC42ML
43mm CC43MS CC43ML
44mm CC44MS CC44ML
45mm CC45MS CC45ML
46mm CC46MS CC46ML
47mm CC47MS CC47ML
48mm CC48MS CC48ML
49mm CC49MS CC49ML
50mm CC50MS CC50ML
51mm CC51MS CC51ML
52mm CC52MS CC52ML
53mm CC53MS CC53ML
54mm CC54MS CC54ML
55mm CC55MS CC55ML
56mm CC56MS CC56ML
57mm CC57MS CC57ML
58mm CC58MS CC58ML
59mm CC59MS CC59ML
60mm CC60MS CC60ML

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