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 FASTORQ A/G - Most Effective Anti-Gall Lubricant & Sealant in the World!


Formulated to accomplish four critical functions in threaded connections:

  • Seals high pressure threaded connections at pressures in excess of 20,000 PSI. In fact, on some connections, metal-to-metal seals can be obtained without galling so that pressures of 50,000 PSI are contained leak free! Eliminates Teflon tape.
  • Lubricates all mating surfaces so well that a "K" factor of .07 is common on bolted joints where FASTORQ A/G is applied.
  • Prevents galling, even on stainless steel when threads are stressed to more than 80% of yield strength.
  • FASTORQ A/G is environmentally safe!

FASTORQ A/G is "quaranteed" to prevent galling on stainless threaded connections. It is equally effective on other gall-susceptible materials, as well as ferrous metals. In demonstrations, a variety of threads have been pressed into distorted shapes, flattened by hammering or otherwise ruined. In every case, FASTORQ A/G reformed the threads to their original shape creating smooth, even mating surfaces. In one instance, a 316 stainless threaded rod was used to chase new threads in an aluminum block.

FASTORQ A/G also reduces torque requirements so that proper make-up can be achieved more quickly and with less effort.

FASTORQ A/G is an excellent lubricant and sealant. In many cases, connections can be tightened until a metal to metal seal is achieved, but without galling. Under more normal conditions, FASTORQ A/G will seal off a leak path and prevent the passage of fugitive emissions at pressures up to 20,000 PSI. Teflon tape is no longer needed!

FASTORQ A/G contains no metals or other ingredients, which may be hygienically or environmentally harmful. This material has passed both the Shrimp Test (drilling fluids toxicity test) and the Static Sheen Test in accordance with EPA standards.

FASTORQ A/G is NOT recommended for applications where temperatures exceed 550ºF, and should never be disposed of by burning. Refer to FASTORQ 72 or FASTORQ 70+ for high temperature applications.

 FASTORQ RS18 Lubricant

FASTORQ RS18 is an excellent thread lubricant designed to eliminate wear & galling on stainless or other gall-susceptible threaded connections. FASTORQ RS18 does not reduce torque requirements to levels below those of other compounds. This is an important feature for applications involving rotary shouldered connections, or in other situations where over-torquing is a concern.

FASTORQ RS18 is also recommended for lubrication of shafts and other gall-susceptible mechanisms, which would normally be lubricated with smooth extreme pressure grease. It is intended for use at temperatures ranging from zero to 300º F. In addition, it is completely water-insoluble.

FASTORQ RS18 is a film forming lubricant. It has a strong polar attraction to metal surfaces and applies readily to threads and other machined parts. During use, a thin resilient coating is formed on areas subject to heavy loading and frictional heat. This thin layer helps prevent further abrasive contact between surfaces.

 FASTORQ 70+ Moly Lubricant

FASTORQ 70+ is a lubricant designed to provide lower and more consistent torque requirements, and prevent rust and corrosion.

FASTORQ 70+ contains over 70% pure molybdenum disulfide, more than any other moly paste. Contains rust and corrosion
inhibitors to prevent seizing of threaded surfaces, while reducing costly downtime and breakage. An H2S inhibitor is also included.

FASTORQ 70+ is specially recommended for use in the offshore industry for applications such as threads, nut splitter chisel lubricant, press fits, gears and ways. Recommended for temperatures not exceeding 750ºF.

 FASTORQ 72 High Temperature Nickel Lubricant

FASTORQ 72 is a heavy duty, nickel based thread compound designed to prevent galling and accomplish proper make-up with less torque.

FASTORQ 72 has a lower K factor than any other nickel based compound. This thread compound will not be "displaced" by the thermal expansion and contraction (metal "creep") associated with extreme high temperatures.

FASTORQ 72 provides protection against thread damage, reduces time and effort and improves the bottom line on every connection.

FASTORQ 72 contains an extremely high percentage of lubricating solids, which resist washout, helps prevent reaction with ambient contaminants and provides a smooth solid bearing surface for threads to "slide" on during breakout. FASTORQ 72 is recommended for applications such as valves, flanges, pumps, heat exchanger joints, extruders, reactors and compressors. Recommended for temperatures 2500ºF.

 FASTORQ CopperTorq 30+

FASTORQ CopperTorq 30+ is a thread compound containing over 30% copper. Significant amounts of other solid lubricants are also included. These materials function in a complementary way to promote slipperiness under pressure as threads tighten against each other. Proper make-up of fasteners, pipe or fittings is consistently achieved with less torque than that needed with comparable anti-seize lubricants. In addition, threaded areas receive better protection from galling under heavy loads.

FASTORQ CopperTorq 30+ was formulated with economy in mind. It is intended primarily for use on carbon steel and contains an appropriate corrosion inhibitor. Anti-oxidants are also included to prevent the formation of acids, which oil carriers may produce in the presence of copper.

 FASTORQ 444 Waterproof Lubricant

FASTORQ 444 is an adhesive extreme pressure grease formulated from high viscosity base stacks and a non-melt thickener. This extreme pressure grease is disigned to be used as an open gear lubricant and/or a heavy duty thread compound.

FASTORQ 444 contains 40% lubricating solids, which resist washout in water, water/glycol or other aqueous systems. Also contains anti-oxidants to assure prolonged thermal stability at constant temperatures up to 300ºF. Provides excellent protection against rust and salt corrosion.

FASTORQ 444 is also recommended for applications such as couplings, gears, splines, U-Joints, chucks, pillow block bearings and most heavily loaded, slow moving mechanisms. Can be used in freezing weather. Recommended for constant temperatures not exceeding 300ºF.



FT 70+ FT 72+ FT-AG FT-RS18 FT-444
Water Resistance E F G G G*
Solids-chemical Resistance G E* G G G
Rust/corrosion Prevention E* F F F E
Heat Stability G E* F F G
Anti-Galling G G E E G
Sealing N N E* N N
Bearings, some applications N N N N E*
E=Excellent; G=Good; F=Fair; N=Not Applicable * Primary Purpose
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