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Henry Air Tool Product Line

Model Type Speed (rpm) Capacity Applications
51-V Vertical Sander & Polisher 4000 4"-7" sanding pad
4"-6" wire brushes
4"-7" polishing bonnet
Light to medium duty polishing, deburring, smoothing. Wire brushing rust, etc.
Vertical Grinders and Sanders 4500 - 9000
5"-9" sanding pads
5" or 6" cup wheels
7" or 9" depressed center wheels
4" or 6" cup wire brushes
Heavy duty grinding for smoothing, finishing work. For removing rust, scale, and weld splatter. Cleaning casting, forgings, tanks.
4000 - 8000
56-H Horizontal
4500-8000 6" or 8" straight wheels
6" or 8" wire wheels
cone wheels
65-H 4000 - 8000
51-H 15000-18000 Mounted points
Carbide burs
Type 1 straight wheels
Up to 4" organic wheels
Wire wheels
Medium-duty grinders for cleaning and finishing work on castings, forgings, tanks, etc.
57-H 7000 - 15000
52-H 6000
Cone and plug wheels
Type 1 straight wheels
4" or 6" wire wheels
Up to 6" organic wheels
20 Series Die
60,000 Carbide burrs
mounted point wheels
Ideal for deburring, polishing and grinding work
40 Series
49 Series
4110 Series
4120 Series
15000 - 22000 Carbide burrs
Mounted Points
Up to 4" wire brush
Up to 4" organic wheel
For general grinding on dies, castings, patterns, forgings - Weld dressing, deburring, etc.
Die Grinders
12-RA Right
Angle Grinders & Sanders
18000-20000 2"-3" Standing Discs
Up to " dia. carbide burr
1" dia. mounted wheel
Close quarter grinding, sanding, and deburring work. Ideal for rapid metal removal on castings, forgings, welds, etc.
44 Series
45 Series
46 Series
50 Series
4400 Series
11000-14000 Up to 4" reinforced wheels
Up to 5" sanding pads
3" or 4" type 27
grinding wheels
Carbide burrs, mounted wheels
Right Angle Grinders & Sanders
F-1000 Heavy Duty Scaling Hammer - 4-ball shank type chisels For removing rust, weld flux, for peening and chipping stone, metal, concrete or brick, etc.
N-Series Scaling
- " square shank chisels
5" or 7" needles
N-16 Light Duty Chipping Hammers - .401" round or taper
shank chisels
.371" hex shank chisels
HT - Series Heavy Duty Chipping Hammers - .680" round shank chisels
.580" hex shank chisels
Rammers - Various sizes of butts & peins Provides uniform sand compaction in molds
65-VBW Air Saws 4000-6000 12" wheel or 14" wheel Sawing metal, concrete, stone, asphalt, plastic and ceramics
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