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Magnetec Inspection


Magnetec Inspection, Inc. has 22 years in the Eddy Current business, providing outstanding inspection services to the Petrochemical, Chemical, Power Production and Automotive industries; with many Specialty clients.

Featured Services
Eddy Current Inspection-Conventional, MFL, RFEC
Surface ECT-ACFM
Ultrasonic Inspections-Thickness, TOF, B-scan, C-scan
Third Party Data Analysis-ET Analysis
Tube Removal and Sampling
Tube Plugging -Tapered, Pop-a-plug
Re-rolling of Tubes
Sleeving of Corroded Tubing-full Length Expansion of Sleeve
Small Volume Retubing
Single Tube Hydro Testing to 1000 PSIG
Single Tube Vacuum Testing
Met-lab Work
Custom Probe Design and Manufacture
Piping and Nozzle Inspection
Tank Floor Inspection

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