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Beveling Machines

LKF450 - Beveling Machines for Multiple Angles
Bevel, deburr and chamfer edges of steel plate faster and cleaner than angle grinders. 30° , 45° and R2.5 radius available.

Bevel 30° or 45° weld seams on steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals, brass and plastics
Deburr and chamfer, straighten edges, internal and external radii and countersink holes from 7/8" dia.
Fine adjustment feature for slight chamfers when deburring for the preparation of weld seams
Three milling heads — 30°, 45° and radius R2.5 — are available
Ideal for the following applications:
- Moldmaking: straighten edges, internal and external radii and countersink holes from 7/8" dia.
- Boiler and process plant construction: prepare weld seams on heat exchangers
- Mechanical engineering: deburr machine parts, chamfer edges to protect against paint peeling and create visible edges
- Sheet metal: deburr cut edges
One-year warranty

LKF200 - Portable Beveling Machine
Bevel angles from 15° to 60° on plate and pipes

Fast and easy preparation of weld seams
Bevel 15° to 60° angles on plate or pipe
High-quality performance allows better weld connections
Continuously adjustable angle (15° to 60°) and land width up to 5/8"
Ideal for steel, stainless steel, aluminum and nonferrous metals
Robust design, single operator control and easy handling
Includes two milling heads and 12 total indexable inserts for fast metal removal and extended tool life
Welding angles and weld preparation on pipes/tubes with a minimum OD of 6-1/4" (160mm) with included pipe roller guide
Ideal for beveling pipe 6-1/4" OD and larger
Designed for continuous operation
Smooth roller guides
One-year warranty
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