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Boiler Tube Expanders
B-1000 Series - Recommended for use in limited access space such as water boxes and small diameter drums. It is available with our short series mandrels for applications with severe access restrictions.

Boiler Tube Expanders

B-2000 Series - Airetool's patented drift ball bearing thrust collar allows for precise flare setting and torque controlled wall reduction.

B-3000 Series - A straight roll expander for non-flared boiler tubes and boiler tube sheets or drums thicker than 2 3/4" (70 mm).

Boiler Expander Selection Guide
Diagram of Typical Boiler Tube Expander Applications

 Firetube Boiler Installation Tools
RBE Series Roller Beading Expanders
Airetool's New Roller Beading Expander beads and expands tubes in one operation, eliminating noisy chipping hammers and beading chisels. Now less experienced boilermakers can achieve uniform beads in seconds.
Expander Tube Size
RBE 200 2"x10-14 Ga.
RBE 250 2-1/2"x10-14 Ga.
RBE 300 3"x10-14 Ga.

FTC Series Firetube Tube Cutters
Airetool's FTC series tube cutters cut tubes fast, leaving the tube ends in uniform length for beading. A 2' x 13 gauge tube can be cut in less than 10 seconds. The tube cutter's modular design allows for easy tube size change over by replacing only 4 components, reducing your cost. The tube cutter's design also incorporates a quick-change cutter wheel feature for rapid replacement.
Tube Cutter Tube Size
FTC 200 2"x11-13 Ga.
FTC 250 2-1/2"x11-13 Ga.
FTC 300 3"x11-13 Ga.

FTE Series Straight Roll Firetube Expanders
Airetool's Product Design Engineers have developed an economical, yet durable firetube boiler expander with a flip collar to accommodate tube sheets 3/8" to 1" thick. This unique design with increased expansion range, reduces expander inventory, reducing operating cost. As with all Airetool boiler expanders, a metal bushing roll retainer keeps the rollers in place when the mandrel is removed.

Expander Tube Size
FTE 200 2"x10-14 Ga.
FTE 250 2-1/2"x10-14 Ga.
FTE 300 3"x10-14 Ga.

FTF Series Flaring Firetube Expanders
Airetool's FTF Series Firetube flaring boiler expander is a three-roller design to compensate for oval tube sheet holes. The expander's offset flare rolls eliminate a ridge being formed into the tube, eliminating a secondary rolling of the tube. Increased expansion reduces your inventory. The ball bearing thrust collar provides uniform flared tubes coupled with torque control capabilities. Front and rear metal roll retainers retain the roll when the mandrel is removed from the expander.
3/8" - 5/8" Thick Tube Sheets
Expander Tube Size
FTF 200-A 2"x11-13 Ga.
FTF 250-A 2-1/2"x11-13 Ga.
FTF 300-A 3"x11-13 Ga.
3/4" - 1" Thick Tube Sheets
Expander Tube Size
FTF 200-B 2"x11-13 Ga.
FTF 250-B 2-1/2"x11-13 Ga.
FTF 300-B 3"x11-13 Ga.

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