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 Air Driven Tube Cutter

Powerful, portable air motor developed to handle internal cutting of all type of tubes. Has accurate trigger control of motor speed and positive lever operation of cutter bits. Models available in speeds from 40 to 625 RPM for various steel and non-ferrous tubes. Trimming attachment for trimming tubes in front of tube sheet is available.

 Electric Tube Cutter

When air supply is unavailable, this motor will perform most small tube cutting jobs. Motor speed and operating controls similar to air driven motor. Speeds 350 to 550 RPM. Trimming attachment for trimming tubes in front of tube sheet is available.

 One Revolution Tube Cutter
Airetool RCM One Revolution Tube Cutters are sized for inch and Metric tube sizes. For cutting tubes in heat exchangers, condensers, and boilers. Available in standard reaches of 6" (152mm) and 10" (254mm), longer reaches are available in 10" increments on request. These tube cutters are designed for hand use by employing a ratchet or hand wrench. RMC series tube cutters are also an excellent tool for puncturing defective tubes prior to tube plugging, reducing possible pressure buildup in plugged tubes.
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