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Concrete Cut & Prep Tools

 Professional Brick Saw

Powerful 3 Hp, 15 Amp Motor
Lightweight, Only 75 lbs.
Cutting Capacity 8x8x16
Motor Air Filter that is Easily Maintained & Protects Motor
Spring-Loaded Cutting Head -For Chop Saw Action

Sturdy Handles for Ease of Chop Saw Action

Metal Table Rollers for Strength and Durability

Dust Deflection Stainless Steel Plate

Table Lock

One-Year Warranty

 Blade Roller™ for 7" Circular Saws

The Blade Roller™ is a removable rolling platform for your circular saw. Literally turn your handheld saw into a miniature concrete saw in seconds! Thus, eliminating the need for costly and heavy concrete saws. Attaching the Blade Roller™ is a breeze... no tools required! Made of high-strength, lightweight aluminum, the Blade Roller™ is extremely durable.

Cut concrete, marble and granite with precision accuracy and ease of motion. Non-marking wheels protect your project from marring while the saw travels along the material. It allows for a cleaner and more controllable cut than conventional methods. Demolition has never been easier! Score your lines and break away! Fabrication or demolition, the Blade Roller™ is a contractor's best friend.

Fits the following saws:
Skil® HD77, Skil® HD77MAG, Skil® HD5860 8-1/4 inch, Makita Hypoid®

 Segmented Diamond Blades

From Supreme to Super Economy, the choice is yours. Pearl’s new series of segmented blades have been engineered for cutting a wide variety of materials such as concrete, brick, block, green concrete and asphalt. Regardless of your application, Pearl has the blade to meet your quality and budgetary needs.


AB Series - for Cutting Abrasive Materials
GIANT in abrasive cutting performance, Pearl’s AB series diamond blades are designed to excel in the harsh environment of cutting brick, block, asphalt and green concrete.

  • Ultra hard diamond matrix & specialized GE Diamonds. Dramatically improves blade life when cutting abrasive materials.
  • Deep undercut segment. Protects the core from excessive wear thus improving wheel stability and cutting speed.
  • Specialized wear resistant core. Extends the useful life of the blade by efficiently dissipating heat
  • New Direct Sintering Technology. Extends the usable segment height and improves blade life.

WD Series - All with Pinhole
Two styles: One for concrete (C series) and one with harder bond and segment undercut protection for asphalt (M series).

Two grades: Professional and Premium with the highest diamond concentration available. The MS can cut asphalt over concrete. The MP cuts asphalt over concrete with hard aggregate.


SDS Series - Serrated Blade for Hard Materials
This innovative design is ideally suited for wet cutting hard brick and stone. The SDS Series combines the benefits of our fast, smooth cutting, turbo style diamond matrix with a high grade steel core specifically for wet cutting.

The SDS is also recommended for cutting paver bricks, concrete pavement and granite.

 Turbo Rim Blades

RG/RGC Series
Tempered steel core with wobble-reducing laser slashes and wire mesh matrix reinforcement makes the RG Series blade the most technically advanced premium diamond blade on the market.

Use on various cutting tools to cut concrete, brick and other masonry products. RGC Series is a variation of RG Series with harder bond and pinhole for cutting extremely abrasive products, block and other masonry products.


SD Series - Super Dry Turbo Rim Blades
The SD Series Gold blade was engineered for extreme performance, durability and cutting speed. The new longer and embedded segments protect the core and keep the operator from having to stop production for cool down intervals. The SD Series Green is the Original blade professionals have come to depend on for quality and performance. The SD Blue has been developed for those who need performance and value.

Pearl is particularly proud to introduce two new SD Series blades, SD Silver and SD Bronze, these blades bring all the best features of our SD Series blades along with unparalleled value.

 Core Bits

Professional Wet Core Bit for Granite
This core bit was engineered with a special bond - for long life, aggressive drilling and maximum performance. Use for drilling granite, porcelain, artificial and natural stones.

  • Long Life
  • Maximum performance (Fastest)
  • Special bond for granite and hard stones

General Purpose Standard Dry Core Bit
Designed for drilling stone, ceramics, marble, granite, tiles, brick, masonry, etc. Center point included.

  • Last longer than electroplated core bits
  • Easy to use
Dry Cutting Core Bits
Dry cutting and long life. Continuous rim for safety. Retractable center point. Use with electric drills and/or hammer drills with rotary action. Cuts through reinforced concrete, granite, marble, brick, mortar and ceramics. With 1/2” Shank.
Premium Core Bits for Concrete
Heavy duty wet cutting core bits with built-in threaded adapters. Quality construction and performance. 100% GE diamonds - no inferior substitutes. Precision machined barrel ensures each bit runs true with less vibration. Applications include core sampling, construction, plumbing and electrical installations. Use with core drilling machines when cutting through concrete, brick and stone.
Standard Core Bits for Concrete
Wet cutting core bits that offer competitive value. Quality construction and performance. 100%GE diamonds - no inferior substitutes. Precision machined barrel ensures each bit runs true with less vibration. Built-in threaded adapters. Applications include core sampling, construction, plumbing and electrical installations. Use with core drilling machines when cutting through concrete, brick and stone.
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