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Pearl Abrasive Co.
Abrasive Wheels
Brick/Stone/Granite Blades
Concrete Cut & Prep Tools
Concrete/Asphalt Blades
Dust Containment Systems
Flap Wheels
Flexible Grinding Wheels
GreenBack Flap Discs
Grinding Cup Stones
MaxiDisc Flap Disc
Polishing Pads
Surface Preparation Systems
Thin Cut-Off Wheels
Tile/Brick Cutting Systems
Tuscan Leveling System
Wire Brushes
Multi Purpose Floor Scraper
Complete Product Listing
Pearl Abrasive Company Product Line

Mini Surface Conditioning Discs
Minimaxi Disc
   Aluminum Oxide Quick Mount
   Aluminum Oxide
   Quick Mount Zirconia
Non-Woven Conditioning Disc
Laminated Cloth Disc
Quick Mount Backup Pads

Flap Wheels
Aluminum Oxide

Fiber Discs
Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum Oxide Open Coat
Silicon Carbide X Weight Cloth
Turbo Cut Disc

Backup Pads
Smooth Face
Spiral Face
For Turbo Cut Disc

Cloth Belts
Aluminum Oxide
Silicon Carbide

Shop Rolls
Pearl Resin Cloth
   Aluminum Oxide
Polinet Rolls

Sandpaper Sheets (9 x 11)
Aluminum Oxide
Silicon Carbide
Pearl Polinet Sheets
Fil-Free Abrasive Finishing Papers Premium
Fil-Free Abrasive Finishing Papers Economy

Fil-Free Discs
PD Series
PDR Series
PDY Series (Gold)

Pearl Diamond Blades

Continuous Rim
SD Series
EC Series
RG and RGC Series


DIA Series
LW Series
LWSE Series
LWAS Series
LWDS Series
WD Series
SDS Series

Tile and Stones
DTL Stones
   Bronze Bonded
   Cobalt Bonded
   Extra Edge
Dressing Conditioning Sticks
Wet & Dry Small Diameter
Wet Cutting For Glass
SHD Series
SH Series
PY Series
GRT Series
Granite Blade Adapters
Premium Profile Wheels

Specialty Blades
Diamond Disc Kits
Tuck Point
   Continuous Rim
Adapters for Diamond Blades

Diamond Cup Wheels
DC Series
CS Series
DO Series
DS Series
PS Series
PW Series
SW Series

Diamond Core Bits
Electroplated for Marble
Dry Cutting
Wet Cutting

Hexpin Plates
Hexpin Production Kits
Carbide Hexpins for Hexblocks
Replacement Parts
Diamond Hexpins
Carbide Hexpins
Star-Washer Hexpin
Turbo Cut Hexpin
Hexpin Sander Plates
Quick Change Hexpin
Wire Brush Hexpin
Diamond Disc Pad Hexpin
Hexpin Application Chart

Pearl Equipment
Hexpin Buffers
Dust Containment
Backsaver Grinder Caddy
Backsaver 2 Grinder Caddy
Pearl Wet / Dry Vac Vacuum
Power Scraper

Depressed Center Wheels
Type 27 General Purpose
Grinding Wheels
   Aluminum Oxide
   Silicon Carbide
Reinforced Cut Off Wheels
Small Diameter for Metal
Aluminum Oxide
For Metal Aluminum Oxide
For Masonry & Aluminum Silicon Carbide
Silver Line Maxidisc
Aluminum Oxide
Type 29-Zirconia
Resin Fiber Discs
Aluminum Oxide
Cloth Belts
Aluminum Oxide
Shop Rolls
Aluminum Oxide
Waterproof Sheets
Silicon Carbide
Silver Line Diamonds
SC Series
SL Series
RS Series
LWSL Series
TAKSL Series
PWSL Series

Pearl Bronze Line

Bronze Line Diamonds
BL Series
CBL Series

Display Rack System
Diamond Display Racks
Abrasive Display Racks

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