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ATP/Arnessen Portable "Rust-Busting"
Chipping Hammers

Designed for intermittent or continuous use to clean steel and other hard surfaces of old paint; epoxy, rust, scale; and caked-on residue. Fast and economical, for heavy duty work on vertical, horizontal, or irregularly shaped surfaces. No special training for efficient operation by unskilled labor; one man can operate, capably cleaning over 900 sq. ft. of plate area in an 8 hour shift. Fifteen types of rotating heads available for every conceivable scaling operation. Power source can be electric or pneumatic.



ATP/Arnessen Large Area "Rust-Busting"
Deck Scalers

Arnessen Deck Scalers are specifically engineered for heavy duty removal of undesirable deposits from large flat areas of steel and concrete. Recognized by users to be the most powerful flat area "rust busters" to be found anywhere. Built to give years of punishing service, some 30 year old machines are still going strong.


Easily maintained: the 44 hardened steel striking wheels, operating together on 4 parallel rods, can be quickly replaced when worn. Three models available: Electric, Pneumatic and Gasoline.

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